Chocolate Chips Birthday Pancakes

Last month, my husband and I turned 25 years old. So of course we had to celebrate entering our mid-twenties with chocolate chip and sprinkle pancakes.

We love pancakes at our house, we even make bite-size ones for our dog so He doesn't feel left out. I used the Old-Fashioned Pancakes recipe from Allrecipes (our go-to), and simply added chocolate chips, sprinkles and a teaspoon (maybe less) of vanilla abstract. I don't know how much chocolate chip or sprinkles I added, but my advice is to add a little more than you feel comfortable with. Also only use jimmies sprinkles, those are the ones that you usually find on donuts. I find that they work the best.

Pancakes are so versatile and some of the smallest changes can make a big impact. These are super festive for birthday celebrations and you can even add some food colouring or fruits like strawberries and blueberries for more colour and flavour!

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