21 Day Mental Wellness Challenge | Week Three

Let's take a look at how my third and finally week went on the 21 Day Mental Wellness Challenge. Make sure to check out my first and second week!

Day Sixteen. Go the entire day without complaining// This was a difficult challenge. But I've discovered one thing from it; nothing good comes from complaining. While it may seem like a good way of blowing off steam, complaining isn't productive and usually changes your mood for the worst.

Day Seventeen. Update/Create a new worship playlist// On my way to work is usually when I need that inspiration/motivation from my worship playlist. Adding some new songs definitely helps with that long commute to work.

Day Eighteen. Make time for a wholesome breakfast// A few times this week, I've woken up earlier than usual to make time for breakfast. I love Avocado with eggs and toast, and I find getting that nutrients in the morning does affect my attitude and productivity levels in the mornings.

Day Nineteen. Do one thing you've been putting off// There's a sense of confidence I feel once completing something I've been putting off. I basically feel like a superhero who can accomplish anything.

Day Twenty. Research something new in your skill-set// Initially I didn't know how to handle this challenge. Mainly because I don't really know what my skill-sets are. But I've decided to research on things I'm interested in, which includes ancient history and religion.

Day Twenty-one. Don't overthink. Practice being present// Most of my anxiety comes from overthinking and worrying about the future. So this challenge was important for me to do. It wasn't easy, but it made me realize how important it is to stop overthinking! the moments I wouldn't overthink a situation were when I felt most at peace.

This 21 day challenge wasn't the easiest but so worth it. It was nice to just reset. I don't think I've gotten rid of my anxiety, but I've learned how to control it. I had so much fun doing this challenge, I totally want to do another one!

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