21 Day Mental Wellness Challenge | Week Two

So here is how Week Two of the my 21 Day Mental Wellness Challenge went:

Day Nine. Slow down. Sit and watch the sunset //  My commute home is the best time for me to slow down. I take the metro bus to and from work, which is usually inconvenient. But since doing this challenge commuting has been my favourite part of the day, especially when I'm going home. We live by the water and the sky creates a beautiful pink and purple ombre as the sun sets. It's quite picturesque.

Day Ten. Get rid of 5 things you never use //  I'm such a packrat, so this challenge was really important for me to do. I keep a lot of nonsense that I don't use, especially clothes. So I took time to throw away clothes that are filled with holes and plan on donating the ones that are too small and will never fit into.

Day Eleven. Get some sun and eat lunch outside //  I have to be real here, I haven't had lunch outside, yet. But, instead of hanging out in the lunchroom during my break, I've been enjoying the fresh air and warmish weather by going on little walks outside. I work by the waterfront and these walks make me appreciate the maritimes so much.

Day Twelve. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails // This was one of my favourite tasks. My inbox was constantly filled with emails that I would just delete. Being able to unsubscribe to the online stores that I've never shopped at was the most liberating feeling ever!

Day Thirteen. Send an encouraging text to five people // This challenge made me realize that I have amazing people in my life. I'm surrounded with kind, talented, hardworking people. I'm truly blessed to know everyone that I know. They inspire me everyday and their success brings me so much joy.

Day Fourteen. Wake up 30 mins early to pray// While I would rather sleep a little longer, there is something magical that happens when I take time and pray in the morning. I find that I don't have any thoughts distracting me from my time with God. And i'm filled with such enthusiasm for life that not even coffee can replicate.

Day Fifteen. Plan a coffee date with a friend // I'm famous for making plans and not going through with them. But there is nothing better than actually going on that coffee date with a friend.

Make sure to check out week one if you missed it!

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