21 Day Mental Wellness Challenge | Week One

It's been one week since I started the 21 Day Mental Wellness Challenge and I'm feeling pretty good. For example, right now it's sunday evening and usually I'm stressed out because I want everything organized before monday morning. Currently, the house is a mess, the laundry isn't done and I'm totally okay with it! So let's take a look on how this week went!

Day One. Run a nice long scented bubble bath //  This was probably the real reason why I started this challenge in the first place. I love baths and will find any excuses to soak in some bubbly goodness. One thing I tried doing was to just relax and focus on the moments. Before, baths were a place for stressing out and overthinking. But this time around I didn't want any thoughts what-so-ever and just wanted to focus on the that moment.

Day Two. Journal 10 things you are grateful for // This was definitely harder than I thought it was going to be. I brought my notebook to work with me, in hopes that I would jot down some thoughts throughout the day... I didn't. Let's be honest here, it's hard to be grateful when you're having a sucky day. But I sucked it up and wrote a list before I went to bed. Even though I had a bad day, Thinking about what great people and amazing opportunities I have in my life turned everything around.

Day Three. Take a walk outdoors // That didn't happen. Which was unfortunate because it was surprisingly a great day out. But I had the worst headache and just wanted to sleep once I got home. Such a fail :(

Day Four. Call Someone you love // I decided to call my husband during my break. I hate bothering him while he works but I just wanted to hear his voice. I also called my dad and had the shortest yet sweetest conversation. I love him

Day Five.  De-clutter your room or desk // We have this spare room that I'm using as an office. For the past 6 months it was such a mess and I hated going in there. But I finally took some time to sort everything out. It's not 100% de-cluttered, but the desk is is organized and everything is in its place. Just don't open the closet.

Day Six. Take a social media sabbatical // At first this was a lot harder than I though it was going to be. I found myself constantly pressing on the Instagram icon, out of habit. But, what really helped was bringing a book to work with me. I'm currently reading #GIRLBOSS and I love this book! So interesting, inspiring and funny! I forgot how much I love to read. I will definitely be taking more of these social media breaks.

Day Seven. Make a list of short term goals // I love writing down goals. I remember learning about making goals in elementary school. We had to write down one goal for the semester and write three ways we were going to achieve them. So on the seventh day, I did just that. One thing that I know about me is that I feel great once I complete a task or a goal. That's why I'm always writing to-do lists  because I love scratching them off task by task. I found writing this goal list to be similar to a to-do list but more meaningful.

Day Eight. Start a new bible reading plan // I was a bit overwhelmed when I first saw this challenge because I've never done a bible reading plan of any sorts. But then I remembered of something called the internet and found so many different bible reading plans for all sorts of situation. So I found one online that I really like that's for 31 days. I'm really excited to get a new perspective on the passages of the bible.

So that's how my first week went. I haven't had a major breakthrough of " aha! " moment, but I feel good and that's important. Can't wait to see how the second week will go.

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