Jenn About Home: Coffee Table Books Collection

Coffee table books are one of my favourite decorating tools because they're a great way of communicating your interest to your guest and visitors, while also showcasing your style. I've just started collecting coffee table books and I wanted to share what I have so far with you guys. 

Beyonce by Andrew Vaughan |Lauren Conrad Celebrate |Kim Kardashian's Selfish 

These three books were gifted to me by my lovely husband within the last couple of years and I have to say this guy knows me very well because these three women have made such an impact in my life. As much as I don't like to admit it, Kim Kardashian has always been fashion goals. Like let's be honest here, we've been following her style for close to ten years now and I know for a fact some of you girls are still holding on to those Herve Leger body-con dresses. I'm obsessed with Lauren Conrad, or LC as I like to call her (Laguna Beach refers for the real fans). I wanted to be her when I was a teengager, and I still want to be her today. Lastly, there are three books every household should have; the Bible, a dictionary and some sort of unauthorized Beyonce biography. 

What I love about these two books is that they're like having a hardcopy of all your favourite tumblr photos. Both books contain photographs that are so beautiful and transport you to a magical far-away land with each page you turn. 

Decorating Defined |Entertaining is Fun!

Now before one of ya'll haters say "That's not your book!! It's from your local library!" and "That book must be way over due lol" I want to let ya'll know that it is mine, I bought it at a local thrift! I actually love the fact that the library tag is on there because I feel like this book holds more stories than the words contained in the pages.  Maybe someone borrowed it because they were planning a party, or maybe they needed it for an university paper on women's role in the media back in the 1940's & 50s. Whatever the case may be, I love it. The decoration dictionary I got at my university when they had library sale. There was so many cool vintage books, I definitely want to get more!

Right now I'm on the hunt for really big home decor and architecture books with beautiful photography. I'll definitely do some sort of haul when I collect more!

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