Harvest Season

I can't believe it's already October! And what better way to celebrate the new month by going apple picking!

Here's the thing. I used to hate fall. The temperature is cold, I hate halloween (more on that later) and all the beautiful nature is starting to die off. But a few days ago, I was walking my dog and saw a sign on someone's house that read "Happy Harvest". I thought it was the cutest sign and it dawned on me that this is the season that crops are being harvested before winter.  During this walk, I was relating this concept of harvesting to our life and that saying "you reap what you sow" came to mind. Meaning one day we will have to face the consequences of our actions. I think this proverb is usually seen as a punishment of some sort, if you do something bad, these bad things will come back to bite you in the butt. And while I do believe that, I also see this quote in a positive light. If you work hard, if you show kindness and love, those actions result in some sort of reward. This season of harvesting to me is now a time to enjoy our hard works and blessings. I look at my life and think of all the amazing things God has blessed me with, so i'll be taking this time to just thank Him and enjoy my family, my health and all the wonderful things in my life.

Anyways... back to this past weekend. Ryan and I went to Masons Apple in Windsor, NS. I'm pretty sure I found my  calling because I had so much fun running around the orchards, taking photos and of course picking apples. It was nice getting out of the city and just getting back to the basics. We grabbed as much apples as we can fit in our bag and now we're going to bake something with them. Maybe a pie or an apple crisp (Yum!)

It's doing activities like this that also adds to my new found love for the harvest season.

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