Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Friday nights, most people like to party and go out with their friends. I like to bake cookies because I’m a bit of an introvert with a little bit of anxiety and baking makes me feel good about myself.

Just recently I’ve made chocolate chip cookies, but I wanted to spice them up by drizzling a bit of caramel sauce of top! Whoop whoop!

I got the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies from and the real reason why I added the caramel was because I used 1/3 cup of granulated sugar instead of ½ cup. But I didn’t realize that until the cookies were in the oven and I was cleaning the measure cups. We had a stash of caramel sauce in the fridge so I just drizzled them on the cookies once they were cool and placed in the fridge overnight (because I totally forgot about them) and they turned out bomb! The husband approves, so that's good!

These recipe makes 12 cookies, but I was able to make 23 mini cookies, because who doesn't like mini cookies!?!

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