Paris, France

I was organizing some photos on my laptop and stubbled upon these little scenery shots from a family trip to Europe. They were taken about seven years ago when we went to Italy and Belgium to visit family. Since France is so close to Belgium, we went on a little day trip to the most beautiful city in the world. 

Paris is exactly how you imagined it to be; simply romantic. while roaming near the Eiffel Tour I saw so many couples being so affectionate to each other. It felt so good to be surrounded by love. With the recent attacks, its hard imagine a city that loves so much going through such a horrible experience. It's even harder to imagine that attacks like those are being experienced by many people all over the world.

  Despite everything, I would love to go back to Paris sometimes soon. I'm currently trying to convince my husband to go on a Euro trip and Paris would definitely be one of our stops. 

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