Jenn About Disney

My husband and went on a little trip to Orlando recently, and it was so nice to leave the cold east coast weather for a bit of warmth and vitamin D.

This trip was very special to me because for years, Ryan has heard me cry about how I’ve never been to Disney World when I was a kid. So we decided to take a trip down for a winter getaway and it was so much fun! One of the highlights was during this daytime party parade, Minnie Mouse was on this float and pointed at me, telling me that she loved my bow! Minnie Mouse loved my dollar store bow! I’m still not over it. I actually got a lot of compliments on it, which is crazy because it cost me $1.25.

Another highlight was having Churros. One thing that I really wanted to do at Disney World was to get a churro, and they are worth the hype. We ended up getting more throughout our trip.

Disney truly is the happiest place on earth and it I had so much fun running around with my husband reliving my childhood.



  1. Lovely photos :) I hope you enjoyed it a lot and have wonderful memories for life :)
    I have only been so far in the Paris one and this is the ,Ultimate,Disney I would like to visit :)