Three Ways to be More Productive

Declutter your space
I am a big believer that your space represents how you are in your head. That’s because whenever I’m stressed or anxious, my apartments starts to become really cluttered and messy. Making me even more stressed. I find by simply clearing off my desk and keeping my apartment clean, I’m more motivated to get things done.

Make Lists
I’m a list girl. I love to start and end my day by updating my to do list.  A to-do list is a big productivity motivator for those who are visual. It just feels so good to check something off. I like to be creative with my lists and write them in pretty colours and make little check boxes next to them.

 Work on high priority tasks during your peak levels
While I try to get the hardest task out of the way first, I find working on those tasks during my peak levels to be more rewarding. Your peak levels is when you have the most energy. For me, that’s early in the morning or really late at night. I find I have a lot of natural (no caffeine) energy during those times making it easier to get those more difficult tasks done.


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  1. Short but great list! I am now prepping myself for a big spring clean out! UF I am tired already just thinking about it but I know it will be a good reward. I would love a post about declutter and how to organise if you are good in that. I am not :/ but hey, I can from this point only get better! ;)