My Quick & Simple Morning Skin Care Routine

At the moment, my skin care routine is really simple. I’ve emptied a lot of the products I was previously using and my skin isn’t being problematic at the moment so I’m not using any extra products. I'm also always running late, so this three product process has been a time saver!

I start off by cleaning my face with a cleanser. I’m currently using the Ultra Gentle daily Cleanser by Neutrogena. I do have combination skin, but its more on the dry side, especially in the winter. So this cleanser is perfect for adding moisture to my skin.  I like to use a little exfoliating brush. In the past, I've spent a lot of money on fancy exfoliating products, but I find that this small brush from my local drug store works so much better.

Once I pat my skin dry with a towel, I moisturize my skin with my L’Oreal Youth Code face cream. I was actually using the whole Youth Code set that came with a cleanser and skin serum, but those products are all emptied. Even though I’m in my early 20’s, I’m using products that are fighting off signs of aging to slow down the aging process of my skin.

Lastly I use an under-eye serum and this one is my Ganique Paris. I just use a couple of drops, gently massage it underneath my eyes and I’m done.