Three Things to do Before the New Year

Clean up all aspects of your life
I hate going into the New Year with old unwanted baggage. Unfriend those people on online that you haven’t talked to in years and never will, throw, sell or donate those old clothes you haven’t worn in at least a year and ditch those bad habits you’ve been meaning stop. I know this is easier said than done, but leading into the New Year, it’s important to start reflecting on your life and starting thinking about you, your wants, your needs and your growth. If there is anything or anyone stopping you from being the best you that you can be, please leave them in 2015.
Get a 2016 agenda
If you didn’t get one for Christmas, pick one up now! I love stationary, and would buy a new agenda every month if I could afford to.  An agenda is a great way to keep your life organized (which seems to be a popular goal for the New Year)  but also helps you get excited for what’s to come. There are so many cute agendas and you can even get stickers to help organize each month. If you’re not a stationary girl, there are lots of different apps for your phone that serve the same purpose as an agenda.

Set a goal for the upcoming year
New Years resolutions have been so taboo lately and I can’t understand why. There are so many memes about how 2016 is going to be the same as 2015, which was the same as 2014 and so on. It’s that sort of attitude that can hinder you from personal growth in the New Year. While I do understand that you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to start working towards accomplishing goals, there is something inspiring about the beginning the new year.