Patone 2016 Colour of The Year | Rose Quartz & Serenity

Patone announced its 2016 colour earlier this month and for the first time ever, two colours have been named colour of the year. According to Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, the combination of the warm Rose Quartz and the cool Serenity represents connection and wellness, as well as a calming sense of order and peace.

I get really excited when these colours of the year come out because it gives me with the opportunity to experiment with new colours that I would of never tried before.  The 2016 colours remind me of a newborn baby blanket, which makes me think of new beginnings and a fresh start. They are also colours I actually like and would love to wear more of. Imagine a faux fur in that Serenity colour! It would be amazing for the winter! Anyways, here are a few ways you can incorporate the Patone's colour of the year into your wardrobe, makeup routine and home decor.