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I was on Facebook the other night and someone posted a picture of what they got for Christmas, and for some reason that left such a bad taste in my mouth. There is nothing tackier than showing off your presents online. With that being said, I was later gifted the Kim Kardashian Selfie book and I never screamed so loud. The first thing I wanted to do was post it on social media. I’ve been flipping through it for days, it truly is the most fascinating little book. While I don’t like showing off Christmas presents ( any presents really) I just had to share my new coffee table book. Thanks Hubs.

I’m currently writing this in bed, rubbing my food baby belly. I ate so much these last few days. Ryan and I had three Christmas celebrations this year, one of the perks to being married, and basically ate everything in sight. I’m hoping to get back to my normal eating habits starting today!

I took a little break from the blog to focus on spending time with the family during this holiday season. But I’m back this week with lots of new posts leading into the New Year!

Have a lovely Monday.


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