What's Inside | Lauren by Ralph Lauren Tote Bag

Various Sunglasses I can’t stop adding a new pair of sunglasses every time I leave the house. Also, I don’t need reading glasses, but I like to carry around a fake pair just in case I need to look smart or artsy. I know that sounds really dumb, but it works.

The smallest Compact mirror in the world I can’t even use to apply lipstick, but it looks so cute.

Gum | For fresh breath.

Reusable bag |  I got it for Christmas last year and it’s been extremely useful and it’s so pretty. Who doesn’t like roses and polka dots.

The pinkest wallet in the world It’s no secret that I love pink, but even this is too much for me.

Two of my favourite NYX Matte Lip Cream of the moments Abu Dhabi and Transylvania.

Pen and notebook For planning power moves on the go.

Makeup bag It’s actually a Betsey Johnson wristlet, but it fits nicely in my bag.

Not Pictured My phone & millions of crumbled receipts



  1. I also love wearing sunglasses! Your RL bag is really pretty! Have a nice week!


    1. Thank! hope you also have a great week :)

  2. Lovely tote... pretty photos!! I love all the sunglasses your carry. So funny! I stash sunglasses galore in my car!

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