Wardrobe Essentials

My closet currently consists of hand-me-downs and tons of leggings with holes from my time at university. Meaning, this is the perfect time to start revamping my wardrobe.

I wanted to start by first figuring out what I need, and that why I created this visual for the all essentials. With these items I can create lots of outfit combinations. I also consider this the foundation of wardrobe building. From these pieces, I can then grow my wardrobe for seasonal reasons or social occasion purposes.

Quick Tips
  • I would recommend sticking to neutrals, like white, black, grey and tan. Just because those are classic colours and shade that never go out of style.
  • Accessories are where you can show your personality, using different colours and prints.
  • While it would be ideal to invest on everything from this list, not everyone has that kind of money. So I would say to invest on the pieces that will give your money back. I’m not talking about resale, but rather the clothes that you wear to work. Whether it’s a pantsuit or t-shirt and jeans, invest on better quality. This will help you look more refined, which will definitely help with self-confidence at work.
  • Make sure these pieces can work in different settings. For example, get a black dress that is appropriate enough to wear to work, but also cute for having drinks with your friends.


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